Street style it's not the only thing I like to shoot. I'm curious, interested in people and their background especially if they work and live in arts and fashion environment. If I meet a person with an interesting and inspiring story, for me the natural following step  is to shoot her or him living the life in their places with people they love and tell the story from my point of view expressed via my pictures.

The first person with which I started this project was Natuka Karkashadze, I met her in Paris for haute couture 2 years ago, I was impressed by her beauty and elegance and then I've been invited to Tbilisi fashion week in Georgia where she lives and she accepted to take part in this project.
The ambience of the shooting was her house, she was pregnant and very beautiful the way a mother can be. Natuka and her husband have been super kind showing me the house and feeding me :) Then we started with the shooting of her and great clothes and accessories in her beautifully furnished house. During the shooting came their beautiful kids all dressed up because of a family celebration and I got a special family portrait, very sweet.